Welcome to My Whimsical World

I am an artist who uses saturated acrylic colour and quirky perspective to create art that evokes a smile. My style has been described from early on as “whimsical”. The intention of each of my paintings is to make the viewer feel good and inspire a sense of hope for the future.

“Waste just means we have run out of imagination.”

By incorporating end-of-life items that I would normally dispose of (or recycle) into my most recent work, I want to encourage a culture of resourcefulness and sustainability. Look closely and you will see many things used as a medium; coffee grounds and pods, foil lids, plastic containers and bags, mesh and single-use plastic packaging, all assembled into compositions that are meant to symbolize endless possibilities and innovation, if we are creative with our waste. We probably have enough plastic in the world at this time to last for hundreds of generations, if only we can be creative with how we reuse and recycle it.

This is a virtual portfolio of my original works. Please inquire directly regarding availability and pricing.

ALSO: Check out this February feature on CityTV’s, Cityline with Tracey Moore where Karen Kayne of Karen Kayne Design talks about one of  my new Artcycled pieces:


Reproductions of some my originals and merchandise designed from my art can be found for purchase at my shop: www.WhimsicalAndFineArt.com